Apple Finally Breaks Silence on Sept. 12 iPhone 5 Announcement

Roughly one month after the rumors first broke regarding a September 12 announcement date for the Apple iPhone 5, the Cupertino, Calif. company has just sent invitations to members of the press for this special event.

The invites do not specifically name the iPhone 5 as the product to be launched on the 12th, but the big black number 12 with a silhouette of the number 5 is a clear indicator that the iPhone 5 will be the device to be revealed.  The words “It’s almost here” are located on top of the number 12, further adding to the anticipation that September 12 will be the day for iPhone fanatics all over the world.  The release date, which has not yet been confirmed by Apple, will most likely fall on September 21.

Months prior to Apple sending out the invitations, several tech blogs had almost completely stopped referring to the sixth-generation Apple handset as an “iPhone 5.”  This was due to the third-generation iPad being referred to by Apple officials themselves as a “new iPad”, sans numerical designation.  The invites all but confirm that the next-generation iPhone will be an iPhone 5, and not a “new iPhone” as once rumored.

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Several new specifications and features will be debuting on the iPhone 5 – the potential new additions that have drawn the most attention so far are the 4-inch display (up from 3.5 inches on all five iPhones prior to the new one), 4G LTE connectivity and most recently, a 9-pin dock connector.  iOS 6 will also be making its first appearance on an Apple device.  Some of the significant changes on iOS 6 include Apple’s new 3D mapping application (replacing Google Maps) and the absence of a YouTube app.  The iPad mini, another rumored Apple device, was not specified on the invitation, but there are still insiders who believe it would debut on September 12, together with the iPhone 5 and perhaps a new iPod nano.


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