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James, who presents a show on TALK radio, has spoken about his “pain” at discovering wife Melinda has only a few months to live.

The 66-year-old has been married to Melinda, 68, for nearly 50 years and was heartbroken to find out she has terminal lung cancer.

Telling the Daily Mail: “Melinda has stage four lung cancer, it is terminal. She is not expected to live very long, it may be weeks or months.

“She is having treatment, and I can’t give up that last glimmer of hope.

“But the doctors say I have to face facts. She is dying. The thought of losing her is so painful, it is difficult to even contemplate.”

In September, Melina went to see her GP after feeling unwell and suffering from a cough. She was prescribed antibiotics and sent home.

However, Melina’s symptoms persisted and in December she returned to her GP and after a chest X-ray she was told she had cancer.

“It was such a huge shock,” Melina said. “It’s in my bones, my spine and my lymph glands. It’s gone ping, all over the place.”

A hopeful James has tried to remain positive but said the thought of losing his wife is “awful”.

“I think about losing her. It keeps coming into my head and that feeling is awful. But there is a little bit of me that thinks it might never happen, that still thinks she is going to be okay,” he said.

“I haven’t given up on Melinda, just yet. You hear of tumours, cancer, suddenly disappearing. You don’t know how or why, but sometimes it happens. You’ve got to have hope.”

However, Melina has come to terms with her fate, adding: “At this point, there is no fighting it. The treatment they are giving me, at best, will delay my death by a year.

“If I don’t have any treatment at all, I will be dead by March or April. You don’t get your head around something like this. You just don’t, how can you?”

Melina and James, who are parents to James, 47 and Peter, 45, hope she can make it to their 48th wedding anniversary on March 10.

James found fame with The James Whale Radio Show in the 1980s, he also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016.

During his time in the Big Brother house, he was often the target of Heavy D and Stephen Bear’s pranks.

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