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The star opened up about Big Mo’s return in a new interview with as she revealed her disappointment that Charlie had been killed off.

The Slater family patriarch often struggled to keep his brood under control and in 2016, he suffered a devastating heart attack.

His death left the family bereft and the cast have confessed they’re constantly thinking of ways they can bring Charlie back.

Laila admitted she wasn’t pleased when she heard he would leaving the popular BBC soap.

“He should never have gone,” she told the publication.

“But I think Derek could always come back as Charlie’s twin brother.

“Dark hair, a little bit of growth on his face. We’d all welcome that.”

Stacey Slater star Lacey Turner added: “We keep trying to think of ways for Derek [Martin, the actor who played Charlie] to come back.

But just as the Walford regulars celebrate Kat’s life, a black cab pulls up outside the Queen Vic.

A glimpse of leopard print and bright red lip gloss confirmed that Kat is alive and well and ready to cause trouble.

She will soon be joined by Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) as the Slater clan reunite under the roof of number 31 Albert Square.

EastEnders airs tonight on BBC One at 7.30pm.

Read the full interview with Laila Morse in this week’s , out now.

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