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The beloved presenter began his career on the club circuit in the 1960s before finding himself in millions of homes across the UK as the frontman of the ITV cult game show, Bullseye.

Jim – born Peter Williams – fronted the series for 14 years until 1995 after starting out his career as a schoolteacher.

However, during his career, which spanned across more then six decades, he also paved out a credible acting career, with appearances in Muck and Brass, Last of the Summer Wine as well as Phoenix Nights.

In a deleted scene from the Peter Kaye comedy, Jim and the Bolton-born comic, who’s in character as Brian Potter, reflect on past times.

“I had Cannon and Ball when they were funny,” Bowen reveals.

Brian gasps: “Bl***dy hell, that’s going back some years.”

Peter went on to parody Jim for his live show, telling audiences: “I used to love Bullseye, me. It was weird, Bullseye, because it was s**t and then it was good.”

The 44-year-old cracked up crowds as he joked: “Every week, my sister used to say, ‘Honestly, how do you split a car?’”

A friend close to Jim has confirmed the star’s death to

“Jim passed away this morning, he passed away very peacefully,’ they began. “Phyllis, who is his wife, was by his side. We’re going to release an official statement tomorrow.”

They continued: “Cause of death was probably natural – he was 80-years-old and suffered a few strokes over the last few years. 

“He’s had the first stroke in 2011 and he’s had several minor strokes since. He’s been very poorly over the last few weeks. 

“Phyllis would absolutely love to say how well the staff treated him and how good they were. The Royal Lancaster Infirmary.”

Seven years ago it was revealed that Jim was recovering in hospital after two mild strokes, one of which is believed to have occurred while he was at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

While he was recovering and attempting to regain some mobility the following year, Jim kicked off his new stage show, You Can’t Beat a Bit of Bully.

But, Jim suffered a third stroke in November 2014, which reportedly left him struggling to walk and talk.

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