Roger Federer shares huge ATP Tour secret | Tennis | Sport

Federer enjoyed a stellar 2017, reaching world number two and claiming two Grand Slam titles – the Australian Open and Wimbledon – to take his career tally to 19.

The Swiss legend is putting his feet up before the new season gets underway in January.

While the ATP circuit is hectic, jumping from one tournament to the next, there seems to be little time to wind down.

However, Federer has many a friend on the tour and likes to go out with Wawrinka.

He also sits on the ATP Tour Players’ Council, which has Novok Djokovic currently serving as President.

When asked about partying during the season, Federer told CoopZeitung: “It’s always funny with Stan Wawrinka. Or with Seve Lüthi. 

“When he is ready, he gives full throttle. Whether the other players are party animals, I can not judge. 

“You meet more on the tennis court than on the dance floor.”

Federer has also revealed he had a big hangover after his 2005 US Open triumph.

He added: “After the victory on the final Sunday of the US Open 2005 I had a problem. 

“That was not so funny. I only felt fairly normal again on Thursday.”

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