Tiger Woods doesn’t horse around when it comes to H-O-R-S-E

Tiger Woods does not horse around when it comes to athletic competition.

This is not limited to golf.

Caddie Joe LaCava this week told the “Inside the Ropes” podcast on Sirius XM that he and Woods once engaged in a spirited game of H-O-R-S-E.

Woods did his best to best his caddie, launching a fusillade of 3-pointers. But LaCava kept his range between 10-12 feet, edging Woods with a series of mid-range jumpers.

LaCava ran his streak over Woods to nine straight games.

“This is a true story,” LaCava told “Inside the Ropes.” “Nine games in a row — and he did not talk to me the rest of the day.”

“I didn’t even get the old text, ‘Dinner is ready,’ because I stay across at the beach house. I didn’t even get that text that night. I had to get takeout,” LaCava continued. “He didn’t announce he wasn’t [talking to me], he just didn’t. And I’m telling you, it was nine games in a row. I’m telling you, he’s so competitive, even at something like that.”

The only question: When does Woods ask for best 10 out of 19?

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